Kitchenware Cutlery

Vintage, Sabatier Type Chef's Knife 9.6 (245 mm) Antique L. & I. J. WHITE Buffalo, NY Chef/Butcher's Meat Cleaver Knife RAZOR SHARP Biotrem Bran Tableware Vintage stag handle Anton Wingen Solingen Germany Rostfrei roast carving set A+ Antique LF&C forged Lamb Splitter razor sharp Buffalo butcher trade knife VTG Antique butcher leather knife holster German 1950 etui cuir couteaux boucher Vintage GUSTAV EMIL ERN SABATIER Huge! GERMAN CHEF KNIFE Carbon Steel 12 BLADE Vintage HENCKELS Germany 22 Baker's Cake/Chef's Carving Knife withEbony Handle Vintage Sabatier Chef's Hand-Forged Canadian Style Carbon Steel Slicing Knife Huge antique vintage meat cleaver butcher knife hunt Handmade 7 Meat Cleaver Damascus Chopper in Raindrop Pattern with Walnut Handle Vintage Heavy Duty BRIDDELL Meat Cleaver 4 Lb Butchers Hog Splitter Axe 19 Long Antique RUSSELL GREEN RIVER Carbon Steel Chef's Paring Knife withBone RAZOR SHARP Huge Vintage Cleaver Marked 91-13 Curved 12 1/2 Blade With 19 Wooden Handle Huge Vintage Hog Splitter Meat Cleaver Butcher Knife antique tool old FINEST Antique WEYERSBERG Germany Carbon Steel Chef Slicing Knife withBone Handles Cutlery canteen full set Grosvenor 1959 silky oak box like new faux bone handle XL Vintage SABATIER Bazar Fran├žais Carbon Steel Chef Knife withRosewood RAZOR KEEN Antique Hog Splitter / Meat Cleaver Very large Handmade 7 Heavy Duty Meat Cleaver Chef Knife Butcher Chopper in Walnut Wood Kunal Metal Utensils Showroom In Udaipur SABATIER Style SOCIETE OUVRIERE MARSEILLE Kitchen Knife 6 (153 mm) Sabatier Trumpet Carbon Steel 9.75 inch Chef Knife Antique Vtg. Foster Bros Trade Mark Meat Butcher Hog Cleaver 32 long Vintage Weck & Muller 14 Carbon Steel Butcher Knife Old Carbon Steel KITCHEN CHEF KNIFE Vintage German Antique TARPONA FORGED 12.5 SUPERB Antique N & S Sheffield Carbon Shear Steel Paring/Small Chef Knife withHorn La Trompette Sabatier 1878 M. Pouzet 14 1/4 361mm Carbon Steel Blade Chef Knife Vintage Dexter Meat Cleaver Butchers Knife 5289 14 3lb Old Vintage Dexter XL Carbon Steel Chef Knife, RAZOR SHARP withRosewood Handles SUPERB Vintage Sabatier Carbon Steel Chef Knife withRARE 11 Blade RAZOR SHARP SUPERB Antique W&F Germany Chef's or Butcher's Meat Cleaver Knife RAZOR SHARP Antique WIGFALL Sheffield Paring or Small Carbon Steel Chef Knife RAZOR SHARP HUGE Antique RUSSELL GRW Chef/Baker's WIDE Hand-forged Spatula Spreader Knife Huge Vintage Hog Splitter Meat Cleaver Butcher Knife antique tool old RARE Vintage DUE CIGNI Italian Hand-forged Chef Knife withRAZOR SHARP 7.25 Blade FINEST Antique Russell GRW Hand-forged Carbon Steel Chef Paring Knife Dated 1872 Vintage Case XX P210 Freddy Krueger Tomato Knife Vintage Rodd Espana Fine Tableware 84 Piece Cutlery Set Boxed Wusthof Carbon Steel 10 inch Chef Knife 4582-562/10 UNUSED Vintage PINO Italian Hand-forged Carbon Steel XXL Chef Knife, RAZOR SHARP Beginners Guide To Cooking Utensils K Sabatier Acier Fondu 13 inch Chef Knife Antique Victorian-era JOS. RODGERS Sheffield Chef's Slicing Knife withBone Handles Antique SABATIER Style Nogent Type OAK LEAF Chef's Knife 7.99 (203 mm) Antique LANDERS FRARY & CLARK Hand-forged Carbon Steel Chef Knife in A+++ Cond

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