BEAUTIFUL Antique BERTHIN French Chef's Hand-forged Meat Cleaver Knife withBurl

BEAUTIFUL Antique BERTHIN French Chef's Hand-forged Meat Cleaver Knife withBurl

BEAUTIFUL Antique BERTHIN French Chef's Hand-forged Meat Cleaver Knife withBurl
Please read our Terms below for details. Without a doubt, this is not only one of the single most beautiful meat cleavers either one of us will ever see, it's also a bit of history and represents a bit of a time-machine to help us travel back into the deepest history of the French cutlery industry. It's in remarkably well-preserved condition, hand-forged by the maker E. Berthin, who proudly stamped his name into its blade along with its place of manufacture--the commune of Vergheas in the Puy-de-Dome, which is near the city of Thiers that would eventually become the epicenter of all French cutlery making, remaining so even today. The commune still exists, today with a population of 75.

But Monsieur Berthin was no mere cutler, he was a TAILLANDIER , a blacksmith who specialized in the making one by one cutting tools for farmers, butchers and occasionally for chefs. The use of the word taillandier in French is, in itself, a bit of an anachronism, sort of like calling Barnes & Noble a bookbinder. The word fell almost completely from use in the late 1800's and, combined with the overall look of this cleaver helps us date it to the early-mid 1800's.

Just look at it--a thing of great beauty from another era altogether. When we recently acquired a collection of old cutlery items from an estate in the Puy-de-Dome area, this cleaver stood right out as one of the true gems of the collection and it is by far the oldest. And think about this: we WISH we could have another one like it to offer but won't. And yet, after more than 150 years it remains one of the most useful and effective meat cleavers you'll ever use.

This extraordinary cleaver is one of the finest of its kind ever made to chop meats when you only want to chop once. It was produced with great expertise and is one of the most balanced and comfortable cleavers you'll ever wield--large but never out of balance in your hand.

It comes with a very heavy duty, carbon steel blade that's capable of dispatching anything your kitchen can throw at it, measuring 7-3/8" along its edge and 3.25" wide (it's 13 overall) and weighing in at an impressive 19ounces--just right for most chefs. For the purpose of this sale it has been given a professionally applied edge that is capable of shaving a man's face; caution, please, or a careless user may find himself in the E. In search of a new hand. As you can see in the photos, it is also quite beautiful, with gorgeously figured fruitwood burl handles (probably quince, as was common in France at the time) hafted onto a full and tapered tang with beautifully hand-wrought copper rivets, as you can see in the photos. Its wood handles give it a warmth and a feel you just can't duplicate with the plastic that dominates the market in contemporary knives.

Especially nice about it is the tapered tang, feathering thinner toward the pommel--rare for a butcher knife, MUCH more rare for a cleaver. Handle is solid and entirely free of the hairlines that all too often bedevil cleavers of his vintage. Our store's inventory is searchable using the search field or may be browsed by clicking on categories, with each option found on the left side of the store's homepage. Don't see it or can't find what you're looking for?

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BEAUTIFUL Antique BERTHIN French Chef's Hand-forged Meat Cleaver Knife withBurl

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