FINE Antique WILSON Chef's Small Hand-forged Carbon Steel Cimeter Butcher Knife

FINE Antique WILSON Chef's Small Hand-forged Carbon Steel Cimeter Butcher Knife

FINE Antique WILSON Chef's Small Hand-forged Carbon Steel Cimeter Butcher Knife

Please read our Terms below for details. PLEASE NOTE: We take our photos in natural light outdoors and as a result there are sometimes reflections or shadows or glare shown in the blades. In person none of these exist; we will say so in the description if it may be otherwise.

Now this is a knife to get excited about and one that has so much going for it that it's difficult to know where to start in describing it. In terms of its design, materials, craftsmanship, condition and especially performance, it's practically off the charts.

It's also a true rarity, too; I've been collecting cutlery for well over 60 years and the ONLY other one I've ever seen is in my permanent collection. It was made in Sheffield, England by John Wilson, one of that legendary cutlery city's most storied makers, best known in the USA for having supplied the fur trade with knives used to trade with Native Americans throughout the 19th Century. They made knives of every description, however, and none finer than this one.

This superb antique butcher knife is a MOST unusual size in this shape and it's one of the BEST. It's much shorter than the average scimitar, making it one of the most useful knives in any kitchen, for a wide variety of assignments.

Most curved scimitars of this style are MUCH larger, with 10, " 12" or even 14 blades. This one, though, measures 12.25" long with a 7" blade that is thick and stiff yet nimble and well-balanced--a MUCH better choice of knives for smaller hands or for cutting sinewy game or tougher cuts of meat. Its construction is full of the kind of expensive, labor-intensive quality that are sadly gone from the modern cutlery market. Unlike today's mass-produced, hot-drop forged blades i. By machine, it enjoys a fully hand-forged blade made from superior virgin double-shear carbon steel, a very early folded steel that is somewhat like damascus.

In its time, this blade would have been considered VERY high techc! Handle is beautiful rosewood of the finest quality carved from a single chunk into a safety grip that was made to keep your fingers where they belong: on your hand.

Its riveted and pinned in an unusual configuration in brass over its fatted tang and the final product is a very beautiful knife, indeed, as you can see in the photos. Condition is incredible--virtually new, though it is well over 120 years old. A collector's piece though it may be, it would be an utter shame not to use it daily if you're someone who works with a lot of meat. It's blade will hold a razor's edge, with relatively easy honing (it's factory sharp now). If you've never used a carbon steel knife before, you're in for a treat.

Experienced chefs know that only a true carbon steel blade can consistently attain the razor-sharp edge that makes cooking a true pleasure you must wipe the knife after every use to avoid stains and rusting, but will be richly rewarded with superior performance! This knife is perfectly balanced and will make you wonder why you suffered for all these years without one.

When you hold a knife like this it feels like an extension of your hand, not like a weight you're simply holding. And if you're someone collecting vintage Wilson knives you already know how rare their knives like this are, especially in this kind of beautifully preserved condition. Our store's inventory is searchable using the search field or may be browsed by clicking on categories, with each option found on the left side of the store's homepage. Don't see it or can't find what you're looking for?

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FINE Antique WILSON Chef's Small Hand-forged Carbon Steel Cimeter Butcher Knife

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