FINE Vintage Sabatier Chef Knife withRAZOR SHARP 11 Carbon Steel Blade, Rosewood

FINE Vintage Sabatier Chef Knife withRAZOR SHARP 11 Carbon Steel Blade, Rosewood

FINE Vintage Sabatier Chef Knife withRAZOR SHARP 11 Carbon Steel Blade, Rosewood

BE SURE TO READ THIS. It's the wrong size.

We're here only to trade honestly but abuses of our good faith and our No-Questions Asked policy have made this change 100% necessary. If you knew all the factors you would understand. This superbly crafted vintage Sabatier chef knife is one of the finest of its kind available anywhere, found here in a VERY welcome size--JUST a bit bigger than most but far from too large.

Hand-forged in Thiers, France, a region noted for centuries for producing some of the world's finest blades, it's a world-class piece of professional chef's cutlery in every way. It's is also a piece that was made for sale at the old Bazar Francais store in New York, which once stood on 6th Avenue like a beacon of culinary hope to the city's finest chefs before it went under in 1975 or so. As such, it bears its Sabatier markings on its handle ("Sabatier" inside an oval) and those of the store on its blade ("Bazar Francais, New York, France"). Like all fine knives, this beauty has a fully forged blade/bolster/tang that extends the full length of the knife, tapering towards both ends for maximum balance.

When you use a knife like this, it feels like an extension of your hand, not a mere object that you're holding. It's also made with outsized handles, slightly plumper than what is fixed onto smaller knives, to permit maximum grasp and comfort. It's superb aesthetics are matched by it's performance.

You will not find a sharper, more functional knife than the older Sabatiers. As with any carbon steel blade, it must be kept dry during use to prevent rusting but this minor inconvenience is more than offset by the superior performance offered by carbon steel--as any chef or butcher over the age of 50 can verify. Made sometime in the 1950's--1970's, this knife pre-dates Sabatier's 1987 conversion (along with the rest of the world's cutlery industries) to the use of recycled steel for making blades. The difference is profound, and I have had several newer knives break on me under duress in the kitchen as a result. This simply won't happen with this knife unless it is subjected to abusive conditions. Even among Sabatier's finest contemporary knives, there is a quantum loss of overall quality that most consumers cannot perceive until the knives are in use side by side with one like this. THEN you'll see for yourself, how superior a knife can be when made with the finest possible materials and true craftsmanship, for which there is no substitute, rather than with the marketing prowess of a multinational corporation concerned only with the numbers of its distribution. Measures just over 16-1/8" long with an 11" blade. Large enough to tackle even the most demanding kitchen's most challenging chores. Many old-school chefs prefer to use a knife like this for each and every job in the kitchen to show off their superior knife skills!

It's particularly well-suited, though, to reducing large piles of vegetables, herbs, fruits, meats, fish, and poultry into small and tasty piles of cleanly chopped, diced, minced, and chiffonaded ingredients for inclusion in your finest recipes. Its blade is also made to be flexible as well as strong, allowing it to be used succesfully as a slicer (this is a true distinction among French and German knives, which tend to be clunkier). Whether you're an amateur or professional chef, you know how important the finest cutlery is to your state of mind while cooking. Here's your chance to relax and let your hands take over. An instant heirloom for user and collector alike.

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FINE Vintage Sabatier Chef Knife withRAZOR SHARP 11 Carbon Steel Blade, Rosewood

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