MASSIVE Vintage Foster Bros Buffalo Skinner/Lamb Splitter Knife withCustom Handle

MASSIVE Vintage Foster Bros Buffalo Skinner/Lamb Splitter Knife withCustom Handle

MASSIVE Vintage Foster Bros Buffalo Skinner/Lamb Splitter Knife withCustom Handle

Please read our Terms below for details. Standing on the shoulders of a GIANT hand-forged Foster Brothers lamb-splitter blade, this supremely remade custom-made knife has been reborn as a masterpiece that will thrill any collector or user who would dare to wield it. With its extra-heavy 12.25" blade (measures 18-3/8" overall) that's 1/4 thick at midpoint, it's a hand-forged demon the likes of which most have never before seen, let alone held. This style of knife was widely carried by the buffalo hunters of the late 19th century, and while the blade isn't quite that old, it is certainly of that lineage. The handle is a contemporary one, custom made of the finest dessert ironwood, that is not original to this knife.

These handles have been riveted over a full and tapered tang using the finest quality Sorby bolts and the result is a mastepiece of the cutler's art, unlike anything available on the modern or vintage markets. It is surprisingly well-balanced in the hand and its performance is 100% equal to its appearance--magnificent.

In the field, such a knife is an indispensable way of quickly quartering and dressing fallen game of any size for transport--a necessity in bitter weather or in areas like Kodiak or Michigan's Upper Peninsula where competing predators are a genuine consideration. In the kitchen or meat locker it will serve double or triple duty performing its original tasks and will probably tackle those tasks far better than anything on the modern market. Such a knife is well worth the expense of having a sheath custom made for it and strapped to a man's side you can be sure that it would be the center of all attention and the envy of all who got a glimpse of what such a piece is capable of. Fully hand-forged in the USA, its blade is some of the finest hand-forged carbon steel ever affixed to a handle. Such steel will take the finest possible edge and keep it with relative ease, outperforming just about anything on the modern market today.

It is already RAZOR sharp, having been professionally edged for this sale and far sharper than when it was new. As with all carbon steel blades, of course, it must be kept dry to prevent rusting but such a minor inconvenience is well worth it when considering the quantum leap in quality such a knife offers. For the purpose of this sale it has been given a razor-keen edge and we urge the utmost in caution or a careless user may find himself in the ER needing reattached limbs. To obtain anything even remotely similar one would have to commisison a custom knifemaker to produce a knife on your behalf but you wouldn't be getting ANYTHING hand-forged in this size or shape without spending well close to a thousand dollars--maybe more.

And even at that price it would be tough to find craftsmanship and skill to match the greatness of its hand-forged origins. If you're still on the fence, just remember that we almost never regret our extravagances in life; it's the bargains we make that we later come to regret. And besides, the one thing you can certainly be sure of is that you'll not be seeing another of one THESE anytime soon.

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MASSIVE Vintage Foster Bros Buffalo Skinner/Lamb Splitter Knife withCustom Handle

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