NICE Vintage Unmarked Sabatier Smaller Carbon Steel Chef Knife RAZOR SHARP

NICE Vintage Unmarked Sabatier Smaller Carbon Steel Chef Knife RAZOR SHARP

NICE Vintage Unmarked Sabatier Smaller Carbon Steel Chef Knife RAZOR SHARP

Please read our Terms below for details. PLEASE NOTE: We take our photos in natural light outdoors and as a result there are sometimes reflections or shadows or glare shown in the blades. In person none of these exist; we will say so in the description if it may be otherwise.

The are no markings remaining on this fine old knife but there can be no mystery at all about the quality of its materials, craftsmanship, condition or performance. It's certainly of French manufacture, probably by one of the companies we know here in the USA as Sabatier, made with a hand-forged carbon steel blade and the highest qualitiy mahogany rosewood used for its handles. It's craftsmanship and balance are also exquiste and condition, though used, is still very good with no problems of any kind. In one key way, too, it's BETTER than when it was new, having received a WICKEDLY sharp edge for the purpose of this sale that is FAR sharper than when it first left the factory. The result, however, is a relative bargain on a top-qualtiy vintage Sabatier, in a HIGHLY desirabe smaller size, with the knife measuring 10" long overall with a 5.75" blade. By any measure, however, this knife comes up huge each and every time you use it.

This knife is the perfect for any chef who values the fine quality that only a vintage Sabatier may offer. Without doubt, it's one of the most useful and heavily relied-upon knives in any serious chef's kitchen. Unlike contemporary knives made by Sabatier, this vintage knife possesses a hand-forged blade contemporary ones are hot-drop forged, i. By machine made from superior virgin carbon steel, with a degree of quality that is simply not possible in the economic reality of today. Though its blade has darkened slightly with usage (as is normal--and it will rust if not properly kept dry between uses) this minor inconvenience is more than offset by the superior performance of carbon steel, which hones easier and sharper, providing the kind of authority with every cut that a chef deserves.

Hold it in your hand and you'll immediately recognize a natural center of gravity in the center of your palm--where it belongs. This exceptional knife was recently given an EXTREMELY sharp professional edge and must be treated with extreme care or will land a careless user in the ER needing stitches. In the old days, many classically trained French chefs didn't consider a knife fit for professional use until it received its first "working" edge upon receipt from the factory.

Sushi chefs continue this tradition with their rituals of water stones and the resulting keen of their blades is virtually alien to casual (and to many professional) users of Western indoctrination. This knife comes pretty close to just that kind of sharpness and you'll have no trouble finding a myriad of uses for it.

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NICE Vintage Unmarked Sabatier Smaller Carbon Steel Chef Knife RAZOR SHARP

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