UNUSED Custom-grade Vintage EKCO FLINT Modernist Japanese Chef's Slicing Knife

UNUSED Custom-grade Vintage EKCO FLINT Modernist Japanese Chef's Slicing Knife

UNUSED Custom-grade Vintage EKCO FLINT Modernist Japanese Chef's Slicing Knife

Please read our Terms below for details. It's one of the most beautiful knives you've never heard of, produced for sale under the Ekco Flint label yet hand-forged in Japan. These knives were made using the finest hand-forged stainless cutlery steel, sparing no expense.

Since these exquisite knives came onto the market in the 1950's I've been able to lay my hands on only a dozen or so of them and more than half of those remain in my permanent collection, but NONE of mine are like this one, completely unused and still bearing its original factory blade cover. They were marketed poorly and priced very high, alienating a market that wasn't ready to accept Japanese-made knives as being on par or superior to the German-made cutlery that dominated the market at the time (a holdover of hostility from WWII). In a pattern reminiscent of those by famed industrial designer Michael Lax for Copco and Barry Seibel for Oxford Hall, these knives incorporate a virtually perfect combination of elegant design and high-end performance that has usually been the rarefied dominion of a small handful of master bladesmiths, whose works sell for very high prices. Though these knives are factory-made, they attained that kind of custom quality with blades that were hand-forged in stainless steel, beautifully polished and expertly ground to a very fine edge and point. Handles are a very high-quality, high-density phenolic resin like that used in the old Bell Telephones, hafted onto a fully-forged blade with integral bolster and full tang.

The final product was born with a streamlined Japanese profile that was decades ahead of its time in predicting the domination by Japanese chef cutlery in today's market. Just look at it--a thing of beauty by any standard and still looking ahead of its time, despite being close to 60 years old. Like the most valuable antiques, the older it gets the more modern it looks.

If that doesn't define the essence of design excellence, I don't know what does. Its long, swooping yatagan-style blade is thin yet strong, capable of wafering anything and everything from roasts, hams, turkey, onions or tomatoes to cakes and baked goods of every description. Measures 14.5" long with a 9.25" blade but by any measure this is going to be one of your biggest joys in the kitchen, and something you'll rightly come to think of as an heirloom, either for yourself or the lucky chef on your gift list. Our store's inventory is searchable using the search field or may be browsed by clicking on categories, with each option found on the left side of the store's homepage. Don't see it or can't find what you're looking for? It's wrong--it's STEALING--and you WILL be turned in to us by one of the legion of our loyal customers, who inevitably see your plagiarism and notify us about it.

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REGARDING FEEDBACK: We prefer that you leave us none at all and join us in boycotting this sham. What're they afraid of--the world actually knowing how their greed is manifest? Please don't misunderstand; we're all for making a buck but CENSORSHIP? That has GOT to go!

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UNUSED Custom-grade Vintage EKCO FLINT Modernist Japanese Chef's Slicing Knife

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